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Domain Registration

What is a domain name?


A domain can be understood as an extension of our trademark or our corporate image in the Internet, and therefore it is the only way to make our company known in the Web.


What types of domains are there?


Currently there are five main types of domain available for direct registration: .com (commercial, for all kinds of companies); .net (net, mainly for companies related to telecommunications, IT or the Internet); .org (organizations, for non-profit organizations) .biz (business, for companies that can not register a .com domain because it is already registered by someone else); .info (information, for Web sites of companies that want to make their services known)


It is also possible to register the so-called geographic domains: .ar (Argentina), .be (Belgium), .nz (New Zealand), .es (Spain)... Note that in these cases, each domain has its own registry regulations, and the procedure usually takes several days.


Download here documents as application and authorization form.


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